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04 September 2008 @ 07:24 pm
PIC FIC 1: Moving In  
My pic fic story is finally underway. Most people probably won't get my dry humor but I figured I'd post it anyway. Maybe at least one person will get a laugh out of it. I hope. Anyway here goes nothing...

 LISA: Wow, were finally here.

ADRAINE: Bags… heavy… 


ADRIANE: Ah, that’s better.

LISA: I told you that you shouldn’t pack so many stuffed wolves.

ADRAINE: Hmph, you’re lucky that I didn’t bring Stormbringer herself. *

 LISA: Oh well, whatever. I won’t tell anyone that you have OWD.**

ADRAINE: Have what?

LISA: Nothing, nothing. Let’s have a look around the place.

ADRAINE: Oh… all right.

 LISA: The bed is nice.

ADRIANE: I can’t wait to lay down in it. I’m so… sleepy…

LISA: You can have your nap after we finish our tour of the room.

ADRIANE: Ok, ok. 

 LISA: The sofa is nice and comfy.

ADRIANE: I wonder if we get anything else other than the Mary Kate and Ashley channel. 

 ADRIANE: A vanity.

LISA: And a mirror. It’s kinda short…

LISA: This must be our roommate’s bed.

ADRIANE: I wonder where they are… 

LISA: I guess it’s time to hit the sack.

ADRAINE: Finally! *Lisa glares* I mean… yeah I guess.

LISA: Night Adriane

ADRIANE: Night… whatever your name is *snores loudly*
LISA: Ah, the things I put up with.

(1) Adriane is a character from the series AVALON and in the story each girl has an animal that she has a special bond with. Stormbringer is the wolf that Adriane has bonded with. Hence her love for stuffed wolves.
(2) OWD is obbessive wolf disorder. I obviously made that one up.


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