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07 September 2008 @ 02:49 pm
PIC FIC 2: The Intruders  

This was the first pic fic I did. It was also before I got my new camera so that's why the picture's are so crappy so I'm sorry for that. I'm actually sort of embarrassed to be posting it. I'll try to redo it sometime later but as of now I don't have enough time and I'd rather get new pic fics up.

 HARRY: Were in somebody’s room…..
HERMIONE: Look a bed!

RON: Where’s all sound coming from? Nobody’s here.
HARRY: It’s the TV.
RON: The what?

HERMIONE: *sigh* Boys…… Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to get a little rest.

RON: Yeah, yeah whatever.

HERMIONE: Now I just have to get up here, ugh. 

HERMIONE: Oh, there are two girls here already. Well I’m sure they won’t mind. I’ll only be here for a little while. I’m just so tired……..


SIRUS: The people… they’re moving!

DUMBLEDORE: Oh my, they must be caught in there! Maybe I can conjure them out....

HARRY: No, wait! It’s a TV their supposed to be moving around in there.


HARRY: *sigh* It’s a muggle contraption. Kind of like wizard pictures but with sound.

DUMBLEDORE: Ingenious those muggles.


RON: *eyes mirror* Hey guys I’m going over there. I think I found something more interesting to watch…


RON: Wow. I look good.


DUMBLEDORE: Look a sofa. 

HARRY: Oh, it will be much more comfortable to watch Barney on there.

SIRIUS: But look at the size of it we’ll never all fit on it.

HARRY: Then let’s flip it over. Then there’ll be more than enough room.

DUMBLEDORE: Oh, my back……

 HARRY: Well, let’s jump on…. 

 DUMBLEDORE: Wait for me. I’m old.

 DUMBLEDORE: Ah, that’s much better.

SIRIUS: Are some muggles really purple and green and have yellow toenails?

HARRY: Yeah, sure. *rolls eyes*

LISA: *yawn*

ADRIANE: Move over you’re crowding me.

LISA: Crowding you I’m nowhere near you. 

 ADRIANE: Who’s that?!!

LISA: And why is she in our bed?!!


LISA: Run away!


ADRIANE: More people!


RON: What’s with them?


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